Thanks to innovative technology and design, Compass Pools are recognised across the world for being cleaner, safer, easier to run, more cost effective to own, healthier to swim in and better to look at. Not only that, but a Compass Pool only takes around 5-10 days to install in your back yard - no tradesmen working at your home for weeks or months.


For over thirty years, Compass having been pushing the boundaries with innovative technology ... here's why choosing a Compass Pool is a safer investment


Vantage Self cleaning

Make your pools easier to maintain and run - A Compass pool with Vantage gives you a low effort option for keeping your pool healthy and clean. Take the hard work out of maintaining your pool water and enjoy your pool instead!


Patented Ceramic technology for a stronger pool

Compass can offer you the added peace of mind that comes with our patented Ceramic Composite technology. It’s this technology which enables us to offer a lifetime structural warranty on our pools.


Bi-luminite colour technology for a better looking, longer lasting finish

Only Compass can offer access to our unique Bi-luminite pool surface. This creates the unmatched 3D effect which makes our pools look so impressive. And only Compass can provide extended cosmetic protection with our ArmourShield™ technology.

Central Pools | Tauranga | Vantage system diagram
Our secret weapon

Imagine owning a swimming pool that saved you money, used less chemicals and CLEANED ITSELF!


No robot cleaners all tangled up, no heavy suction cleaners to bother with – and your pool always looks like they do in the magazines.

How it cleans

With more than 10,000 Compass Vantage pools in the ground, we know the Compass Vantage operating system works. It works extremely well. Vantage offers you more than superior cleaning. It delivers the total package in the care of your pool water.​

Central Pools | Tauranga | Swimming pool image
Central Pools | Tauranga | Pool diagram
How it compares

The most popular cleaning systems used in backyard swimming pools today are: 1) suction cleaners, 2) robotic cleaners, and 3) in-floor cleaning systems. When comparing these 3 types of cleaning systems, there are a number of important measures, beyond the obvious ability to clean your pool.

Safer, Cleaner, Healthier

The effect of heat and chemicals escaping at the surface is greatly reduced as Vantage returns treated water to the floor of your pool. This results in better management of chemical mixing, dramatically reducing power and consumption.

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