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Our 3 most popular pool colours

People often ask us what the most popular colours are. One of the great things about Compass Pools is that there are so many colours to choose from. The Compass Pools bi-luminite range consists of 10 different options and although they are all very popular three in particular seem to take the cake!

The three most popular pool colours for our customers are:

  • Quartz

  • Sapphire

  • Pearl

One piece of advice that we give to people when they are choosing the colour of their swimming pool is to choose the colour of the water not the colour of the pool itself. You see, the colour of the pool shell actually influences what the water colour will look like. People are often surprised to see that the water looks much different to what they imagined when they see a particular colour in a full swimming pool.

Do you want a tropical looking pool or something that resembles a clear mountain stream?

Did you know that lighter coloured pools tend to look warmer and shallower while darker coloured pools look deeper but colder? We can help you decide how to achieve the look and feel you are after during our FREE site visit. We are also more than happy to take you on a tour to view different pool colours as you get closer to finalising your swimming pool design.

What make the colour technology in a compass pool different?

In most fibreglass pools the colour layer is in the gel-coat interior surface of the pool. The coloured gel-coat is constantly exposed to sunlight and pool chemicals.

Compass do things a little differently. The bi-luminite colour system is aptly named because it is a dual-layer colour process which enhances the look of your pool when it is filled with water. The gel-coat is a lightly tinted layer while the solid colour layer sits beneath with added protection, not only does this look really great but the added protection enables us to offer an extended 10 year interior surface warranty!

Compass also use large colour chips in all bi-luminite pools which means that each and every pool is unique and eye-grabbing. instead of seeing the colour flatten or go dull when filled with water, the large colour chips in a Compass Pool tend to leap out from the walls and floors to bring the pool to life.

check out the colour page on the Compass Pools website for colour more colours

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