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If you're going to invest in a pool, then invest in the lifestyle you always imagined!

Most people who dream of of owning a pool have the perfect picture of relaxing poolside, enjoying fun with family in the sun and having a stunning backyard feature to take in. What we don't typically imagine is all the potential for hard work: scooping leaves, lifting heavy cleaners in and out of the pool or fiddling around with water balance.

The Vantage cleaning and circulation system (which is exclusive to Compass Pools) takes away the hard work and allows you to enjoy owning a pool without the chores. Not only will you save time, you'll also save money because you don't need to buy extra equipment (like robot cleaners or suction cleaners) to keep your pool clean.

Vantage also reduces chemical consumption by ensuring all pool water is effectively mixed and sanitised. This makes it much harder for your pool to go green and much easier to stay on top of water balance. That means healthier, cleaner, safer water for you and the kids to swim in!

We've installed hundreds of Compass Vantage self cleaning Pools throughout the Bay of Plenty, Waikato and Coromandel areas and we have a whole line of customers who are happy to show you their pools and tell you the truth about how well Vantage works for them. Talk to us today if you want to find out more!

There's a fair argument that most people end up looking at their pool far more than they will swim in it so why not opt to have one that is always clean and looking like the ones that you see in magazines? While the Vantage system is busy boosting circulation in your swimming pool it is also sweeping any leaves, debris, grass clippings (and any other materials that get blown into the pool) toward a drain in the pool floor. A series of nozzle jets pop up one after the other and push clean water along the floor and up the pool walls until the pool is fully clean. The only job you need to do to keep your pool spotless is empty an extra leaf basket every now and then!

But arguably the best thing about the Vantage system is that your pool is always ready to use which means you get more bang for your buck. Because the pool cleans itself, you don't need to do a quick vacuum or haul the robot out of the pool before you jump in....simply show up and get in!

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